Executive Team

Bryan Ingram Headshot 1.png

Executive Director and Founder

Ingram is a performance-driven innovator, entrepreneur and reformer. He establishes long-term strategic partnerships with key decision makers, ranging from Fortune 100 CEOs to government officials and ministers domestically and internationally. He creates sustainable solutions and implementation strategies to the world's most pressing challenges with an emphasis on productively disruptive technological solutions.

Chris Dickerson Headshot.png

Co-Founder, Players for the Planet

Chris Dickerson is Co-Founder of Players for the Planet, Inc. Chris is an 8-year MLB veteran with the Baltimore Orioles, New York Yankees and Cincinnati Reds. He co-founded in 2008 Players for the Planet with former MLB pitcher Jack Cassel. The organization has dedicated its resources and the talents of the professional athletes who support its mission to educate all involved in youth, amateur and professional sports on how best to adopt environmental practices.

Miri Gregor Headshot 1.png

Founding Member

Gregor weaves the triple bottom line into business ventures. She recently joined the Meta Alliance, developing projects in renewable energy and regenerative infrastructure. She runs a consultancy specializing in health and wellness market development. She has led pilot programs at two leading solar energy companies, and founded an editorial consultancy for sustainability education. She graduated New York University in Architecture & Urban Planning for Sustainability. In 2012, she sailed across the North Pacific Gyre from Hawaii to San Francisco to collect water samples for the 5 Gyres Institute's oceanic plastic pollution database.